Saturday, 13 July 2019

Fourth of July

The 4th July in the United States commemorates the Declaration of Independence of the United States in 1776.  In Australia it is not a holiday, and we had a busy day at Stitching Hearts. 

It was a long meeting starting with a visit by Katie Matthews from Legacy to speak  about their program.  She took 12 lap quilts and we will give her more as needed. We have been invited to attend a morning tea at Rhodes on 26th July. Lesley and Bev will represent the group.  Cheryl and Bev will be attending Grants Night at the Council Chambers, Drummoyne on Thursday 25th July.
Dasha took 11 baby wraps, 18 children’s quilts and 24 beanies for Barnardo’s at Wyong.  They will be delivered on Monday, 15th July.
Louise popped in to donate a bundle of wool and some half finished projects.  This was passed on to Helen. 
Maria brought in 3 quilts made by her friend Robyn.  Robyn is very generous and has made a lot of quilts for us.  It would be lovely to meet her one day to thank her in person!

Helen made 5 beanies, and 5 flannel baby wraps.
Evelyn brought in 2 quilts she had made. 
Evelyn also quilted 2 quilts.  The first was made by Jill. The second one we think was a donation.
Cheryl also made 2 quilts.
And quilted two.  The first of these was a donation, completed by Evelyn, and quilted by Cheryl
This too, is an unknown maker.  Quilted by Cheryl.
Jan made this whimsical Mushroom Village.
Lesley appliqued the CaraCare logo on 2 more pillow cases.
This one is by an unknown maker.
And lastly, one by Bev.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Second June Meeting

Helen has taken a quilt for EmpowerAbility, Windsor to raffle. This is an organisation that provides help to people with a disability.  You can see some of the amazing things they do by clicking on the link above.

Maria attended the St. Patrick’s Church Mortlake Dinner last week and took this lovely photo of the young lady who won the quilt we donated to the fund raiser. I think the grin say it all!

Lesley has taken 12 quilts to Legacy which they will hand out on their weekly visits to nursing homes.
Colleen has taken 3 scarves and 8 beanies for St. Patrick’s College Strathfield “Night Patrol” for the homeless people.

Quite a few lovely quilts came in this week.  Here they are in no particular order:

Helen has crocheted some lovely beanies.  That one with the flower is so cute!

She also made a raggedy cot quilt from flannel.

And some flannel baby wraps:
We had a donation of these knitted beanies from the ladies at St Paul's Church in Kincumber.

Jill completed a couple of projects started by Darleen.

She also made this sweet little cot quilt.
Evelyn quilted this quilt, made by Jill

And made this one too:
Maria quilted a couple of quilts.  This one was made by Jill

This one was a Disappearing 9 Patch.  The blocks were made absolutely ages ago at a sewing day at one of our meetings by several of our members.  Dasha put it together and Maria quilted it.

Maria also made the next 3 quilts.


Maria also brought in a lovely quilt made by her friend Mary.  Mary has donated quite a few quilts to us.  Thank you Mary for your generosity.
Jan has made the next 3 quilts.

Roslyn made 2 little flannel wraps.

And Anne made this little flannel wrap.


Friday, 14 June 2019

6th June

Edited 23/06/2019 to correctly attribute a quilt.

Alys from Cara Care came today to present us with a certificate of thanks for the quilt we gave them for their Ball in May. It was auctioned on the night and the gentleman who bought it paid $300. Alys said he was very pleased with it and had the biggest grin on his face all night.
A raffle quilt has been donated to the Palliative Care Concord Hospital and also one to the Cabarita Mortlake Preschool.   The one we donated to Concord West Rhodes Preschool will be put up as a wall hanging in their “chat corner”. The Director asked for a photo of our group, and asked if a few of the ladies would like to come for morning tea one day.

Evelyn reported that the quilt we gave to Concord Hospital for their Mother’s Day Raffle raised $1,680.
We had a very nice lunch at The Palace Hotel on Thursday 30th May, there were 10 ladies attended. We decided to put in $10 each to be given to the Drought Relief at Crookwell C.W.A.

Kathleen York House, Legacy and Rivendell to be contact to see if they would like a quilt to raffle.
Some lovely quilts were brought in today.

Ann made this quilt, which was quilted by Cheryl

Cheryl also made this pretty pink quilt.

Dasha made this quilt which was quilted by Bev

Evelyn brought in two quilts this week which she has made.

She also quilted three more.  This first one was made by Katy of the Trinity Grammar School Quilters.

And these next two were made by Friday Quilter Lyn at their Retreat in May.

Helen made three little flannel wraps, a bunch of beanies and a couple of scarves.

Roslyn made this pretty quilt
And the last two were made by Jill


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