Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Claffey House - second donation

Well its been a long time since the last post.  That doesn't mean our little band of troopers has been idle, just the scribe!

We have all been sewing busily, and in the last month or so we have sent out several batches of quilts to a number of different locations.  The first of these was to Claffey House about a month ago.  This is a Women's Refuge, and we have already made a donation there in the past, but as the turn over in clients would be frequent, we felt that we should send another batch of quilts to "top them up" so to speak. 

As usual we began by pulling all the completed quilts out of the cupboard to sort and select the ones for donation.  This being a refuge, we wanted a few childrens quilts as well as ones for adults.  The quilts were all laid out on the floor in the hall.  Don't they all look impressive?

It is always amazing to see them all spread out.  You beaver away from week to week, and mostly we don't complete a whole quilt - someone begins by making the flimsy, then its brought in for matching with backing and wadding, usually done by someone else, then a couple of the ladies will pin baste the quilt, and then someone just grabs a couple for quilting.  Then the quilted quilt comes back and mostly it goes to someone to stitch on the binding.  We have a couple of ladies who love the hand sewing, and they take 2 or 3 each time we meet to hand sew the binding on.  Suits me fine as I find that dead boring!!

Cheryl and Darleen deep in discussion.  Wonder what they were talking about??
The quilt block used in this quilt is called "New York Beauty".  It is really quite a difficult design to stitch, and I think it is just stunning.  Such gorgeous bright colours and such a lovely quilt.

This is made with the good old "Disappearing 9-Patch".  I was amazed when I first saw that, as it is really a very different layout to the usual one, giving the whole quilt quite a different look.

This one was a fun quilt!  In December, Jackie challenged us all.  She gave everyone an identical little parcel with four different fabrics.  The challenge was to produce some 12" blocks over the Christmas break.  It was fun to see the different interpretations as the blocks came in.  Then Maria and Evelyn teamed up to put the quilt together.  Well done everyone.
The next three quilts are all little cot quilts.  The first is a pretty little sampler, and the next two are the cutest little quilts made by our Applique Queen, Jan.

Back to the adult quilts.........
This quilt in pretty soft greens is a rag edge quilt made by Ellen.

And this one was a crazy patch quilt in the most gorgeous Japanese fabrics with a dramatic black sashing. 

And a simple Square in a Square block with sashing and cornerstones. 

Last but not least is a Hexagon Quilt with a difference.  These were huge 12" hexagons that were donated by someone rather a long time ago.  There were almost enough for 3 quilts, and this is the last one to be made. 
That's all for now folks.