Sunday, 28 April 2019

Second April Meeting

Our last meeting was the Thursday before Good Friday.  School holidays as well, so usually a dire combination on the roads.  That didn't put us off coming to the meeting!

We had a couple of visitors today.  Emmanuel (Manny), House Manager and Social Worker at Cara Care came with Ashley to select a quilt for their Ball in early May. We also gave them the pillowslips we had appliqued with the Cara Care’s logo.  These are given to the kids who enrol in their programs.

Evelyn advised that the quilt we gave to Concord Hospital to raffle has raised $700 so far.  Great to see that kind of feedback.

Jill selected 12 lap quilts to deliver to the Concord Palliative Care.

Here are the quilts which came in today.  First cab off the rank is Ann, who made a little flannel wrap:

Bev made this one.

Bev also quilted several quilts.  This jungle themed quilt was made by Lesley.

Great fabrics!

The centre panel of this one was donated, Evelyn added a few borders and Bev quilted it.  A prime example of how we work as a team.

We don't know who made this quilt, but Bev quilted it.
Cheryl can't have slept at all this last fortnight, she made the next 5 quilts!

Cheryl also managed to quilt 3 quilts.  This was made by Coleen

And the next two were made by Jill, also quilted by Cheryl

Jan brought this one in:
And this last one is a mystery!!

Great work everyone.

Friday, 19 April 2019

21st March

Edited 24/04/2019 - corrections to several errors.  Thank you to Evelyn who spotted the mistakes.

With 12 of us there, it was a fairly big gathering.  This of course meant lots of quilts came in and that means lots of people will have happy smiles.  Here they are - enjoy!

Cheryl made this one:

This one was made by Colleen from fabrics donated by Stitching Hearts friend Julie A.  It was quilted by Cheryl

We get a lot of quilt tops and partially made quilts as well as fabrics donated, and mostly, we can't credit the donor as we actually don't know who made the original donation.  There were a lot of completed quilts came in this week.  This batch were quilted by Robin.  The first two were completed by Jan and Christine from donated blocks and part blocks.

Robin's friend Wendy Williams donated this top.  Wendy is a well known quilter, designer and teacher and her business name is Flying Fish Kits.  She has been most generous in donating quite a few of her quilts to us.

No one owned up to the next three!

Evelyn made this little kids quilt:
Here are Robin's quilts:

Bev quilted a number of quilts made by Jill.  These first two were made with fabric donated by Jill's friend Kath.
And this is another of Jill's, this time quilted by Dasha
And here is another of Jill's, quilted by Evelyn.

Helen was also busy with a bunch of flannel wraps.

Last but not least, two quilts for which I have no information.  I did send out an email to our members, but no one has fessed up.  If you are reading this, and you know who made either, please let me know!


There was an appeal on Social Media a few days before the meeting, for blocks to be sent to Victoria for the people who had lost their homes in the devastating bushfires over the summer period.  As a group, we decided to support this.

Cheryl, Bev, Lesley and Dasha got stuck into scraps and brought in 26 blocks.

We also put 10 beanies and a scarf made by Helen into the pile to be sent (Victoria can be very cold in winter!).

And 3 quilts.  The first of these was made by Di Z, a Friday Quilter friend, and quilted by Jan.

And the other two were made by Robin.


Well if you have lasted this long to read this post, you have done well since it was a long post with loads of photos!  Thank you for visiting.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

First Meeting for April

Several members were away this time, so it was a small meeting, but heaps of fun anyway.
Have I told you that we have a new member?  Ros contacted us some months ago because she wanted to give us some quilt tops and fabrics, and came along to one of the meetings earlier this year.  And she has been coming ever since!  Welcome to our group Ros.

Tania Chahoud from St Ambrose School, visited again today to pick up a quilt for a very special person.  If you remember, she came to a meeting a month or so back, when she took some quilts for donation.  She sent through some photos of the family to which these were given, and I have permission to share them with you.

This is Kiara - she is 17 and has spent way too much of her life in hospital...

And her brother and sister Brianna and Jabriel.

Don't the kids' smiles tell the whole story?
After a short meeting, we had show and tell.....
Bev quilted the next 5 quilts.  This was made by Anne.
The four central blocks in this one were a donation from Friday Quilter friend Di Z, the rest of the top was completed by Dasha.

Jill made this quilt from fabrics donated by Stitching Hearts friend Julie A.

The next two were donation quilts.

Great work Bev!!
Cheryl made this one, quilted by Evelyn
Cheryl also made this one

Ros brought in a donation made by the Wattlegrove Quilters.

Helen made a bunch of beanies, a scarf and a shawl.

And a couple of flannel wraps.

Jill made this little quilt after raiding the "brown box" in the Stitching Hearts cupboard.  Quilted by Dasha

And that's it for now folks.  See you next time.