Monday, 12 March 2018

First March Meeting

Our first meeting for March was actually also on the first day of March.  Evelyn kindly took the photos for me as I was unable to go.

We had a couple of extra people along today - Darlene doesn't get to many meetings these days and we also had a new member Jennifer (friend of Cheryl’s) join us.  Welcome Jennifer.

Quite a few quilts were delivered:

Good to see so many organisations benefitting from our work.

We didn't have many quilts this week.  Not surprising since we had 2 blockbuster meetings earlier this year.

First two quilts are by Bev

Evelyn brought three quilts in.

This is Helen's crop of beanies of all sizes, a shawl, scarf and flannel wrap

And last but not least Robin.

Do you have an Instagram account?  See our Hashtag is #stitchingheartsquilters, so come and take a peek and follow us there.
Our next meeting is on the 15th March - the Ides of March.  According to the Web, that is the day the Romans set for settling debts, and was the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar. And I thought it was famous because of Shakespeare! 

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