Monday, 28 January 2019

Hello 2019

We had our first meeting for 2019 last week. And what a huge meeting!  There were 39 completed quilts came in, and about the same number of knitted items.  Besides this, there were almost as many quilt tops which need to be completed.  So brace yourselves for lots of photos.

The first 4 quilts were all quilted by Cheryl, but no one owned up to making them, so sadly, I can't credit the maker.

Edited 4/2/2019: the quilt above was made by Friday Quilter friend  Gillian and quilted by Cheryl.

Cheryl also quilted this one made by Jill

And this one made by Dasha

Reckon she's done enough this time?  Well No, she hasn't, because se made and quilted the next 5 quilts.  Awesome work Cheryl!

Jill made the next one:

Close up of Jill's quilt

Kate O from Maroochydore sent in some quilt tops last year.  The next two are hers, quilted by Dasha.

Maria brought in 4 quilts made by her friends Robin and Mary.  These two awesome ladies frequently send us quilts.  Thank you ladies!

Totally in love with this - what do you think??

Jan brought 4 quilts in, the first is an exquisite applique quilt with woodland fairies on it.  I have included a close up of one of the sections.

Jan also did these 6 pillowcases with the logo for CaraCare done in applique. 

Bev also brought in an applique quilt.  Isn't this gorgeous?

Daphne from Woodonga in Victoria is another lady who sends us quilts.  The next two are hers, quilted by Evelyn.

Evelyn made the next 3 quilts.

Robin made the next 5 quilts.  This fist one was in grey and white, and would you believe the rows are straight?? Every time I look at it the vertical lines move. Fabulous illusion created by the positioning of the blocks in the horizontal rows.


Helen made 4 flannel wraps, and a crocheted throw.

She also crocheted/knitted all these scarves, a shawl, a bed jacket and 37 beanies!

Last, last, lucky last is a little baby jacket donated to my church which I finished off.

Due to the large number of quilts that came in today, we had enough for a delivery to Domestic Violence NSW.  Jill and helpers selected 14 childrens, 5 laps and 23 single quilts, 2 baby wraps, 1 crocheted rug, 37 beanies and 10 scarves. Cheryl and Lesley will deliver these.
If you haven't given up and have got to here, thank you.  See you next time. 

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