Saturday, 24 March 2018

15th March

We have had some feedback from the article on Stitching Hearts which appeared in Australian Patchwork & Quilting Vol. 27 No. 12: 

Firstly, we welcomed two new ladies - Christine & Ann, who both read about us in the article.  Nice to meet you ladies! 

Secondly, Jill had a call from Lyn who lives in Shepparton, Victoria - bit far for her to come to our meetings (only about 12 hours drive!!) but she and a couple of her friends would like to make tops for us to distribute.  Lovely offer, thanks Lyn.

We also had a text from Dale at Drummoyne Rotary to tell us that Roxanne from the Leichhardt Women's Community Health Centre gave a very informative talk to one of the Rotary meetings (remember a few months back Dale and Roxanne met accidentally when they both called into one of our meetings??).  Keeping fingers crossed, that is a useful connection for both groups.

And now the Show and Tell

This lovely quilt was a donation, quilted by Robin and completed by Bev.

Evelyn, made this one,

and she also quilted this one, made by Bev.

Quilted by Dasha, unknown maker

Jan made three quilts.

And she quilted this one. 

Helen made some sweet children's beanies, a couple of flannel baby wraps and two scarves
Lesley made this gorgeous doggy quilt, and Cheryl quilted it (click on the photo to see a larger photo).

Cheryl also made the next two quilts

Close up of the skiers - aren't they cute??
So that's the lot.  It will be Easter before the next meeting, so from all of us - Happy Easter!

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