Sunday, 6 August 2017

First Meeting for August

We had an interesting thing happen while we were having lunch today; the lady who teaches English as a Second Language in one of the other rooms on a Thursday morning came in to ask if she could bring her students in one morning so she could teach them some of the terms used in sewing, and patchwork in particular.  That will be set up for one of the future meetings.
We also had Jill's neighbour, Helen come to visit.  She makes throws for babies, and crochets.  Looks like she may join us once in a while.  Welcome Helen.
I have a huge bunch of photos to show this week.  Apologies for the poor quality on a couple of these.  I came in late and had to take the photos quickly before the quilts were whisked away.
First up are half a dozen beanies that Helen has made.  They will be included with our next donation to the Concord Hospital Palliative Care Unit
Bev did a smashing job of quilting the first quilt.  Beautiful circle of feathers in the plain blocks.  (click on the photo to see a larger version of the photo)

The next 2 were made by Jill, quilted by Bev.

Blocks donated, top pieced by Dasha, quilting by Bev.  You can't see it for the dreadful photography, but there are lovely vines running down the sashing.

Next two were a bunch of donated blocks which Bev put together and then quilted.

This one is by Evelyn.

The next 6 quilts were all donated by Yvonne, a friend of Robin's, as tops.  What a generous donation!!  Thank you Yvonne.  They were all quilted by Evelyn.  An amazing job as she is in the throes of selling a house and moving. 

Jill selected the following quilts to be donated to Kathleen York House for the kids there. (There's one more which didn't fit in the photo)

Well that's it for now.  Thanks for visiting today.