Wednesday, 26 October 2016

First October Meeting

Since the last meeting, we have given a number of quilts out.  Jill took 7 quilts to St Mary's Villa at Concord, a nursing home we have supported for many years.  Sadly, they have a large turnover of residents, which means that they can always use more quilts.

Evelyn took 10 quilts to the volunteers group who run the shop at Concord Hospital. This group made $30,000 last year, which was donated to the hospital.

We also donated one large quilt for raffling in aid of the Palliative Care unit at Concord Hospital.

Heaps of good work by the ladies today, so just take a moment to look at this eye candy.

The first 5 are by Evelyn:

This one is by Coleen, quilted by Evelyn.

Bow Ties by Dasha quilted by Robin.

We think this one is by Robin, no one owned up to it!

3 quilts by Jill:

We get a lot of partly finished quilts.  Sometimes it's just a bunch of blocks, sometimes a completed top.  These next quilts were all donations, completed by various people.

Maria's friend Robyn made this one and donated a completed quilt:

The centre for this top was donated.  Maria added some applique and quilted it:

The quilt top was donated, Bev completed it:

The appliqued squares were a donation, Bev completed it:

Just look at this gorgeous applique!

This was a large quilt top from a deceased estate.  Robin quilted it, and we will no doubt use this for a raffle quilt some time.

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  1. Such lovely eye candy today. I like the Mt Majesty with just the 3 blades - that would work up so quickly. And the large quilt is just gorgeous!