Monday, 19 September 2016

Two July Meetings

I wasn't able to attend either of the meetings in July, but luckily Evelyn took some photos for me, and here they are.  As I wasn't there, I can only guess who made what.  If you are reading this and I have not credited a quilt to you, please correct me!

I think Bev made this one:

And Evelyn made this cute ABC quilt:

This looks like Cheryl's work

And this is definitely Cheryl - her trademark bright scrappy kids quilt.

The next two are definitely Jan's work.  I've known these ladies for a decade now and it is easy for me to pick their work.

This was originally a donation, which came in bits.  Some of the star shapes were complete, but much work left to do on it.  Jan completed the quilt top, and I think Robyn quilted it.

Another fix by Jan.  When the top was donated, 2 of the applique panels had been completed and a third begun.  No fabrics of course.  Jan has done a wonderful rescue job and you can't tell that it didn't go as originally planned.

When I do a rescue job and finish a quilt started off by someone else, I spend a lot of time thinking of the person who began the sewing.  How I wish I could send her a photo and say "look what I have done with your quilt".  When my friends give me UFO's (unfinished objects) I am always careful to show them what I do with there work, but mostly the donations are anonymous, so you can't do that.  Such a shame.

I am fairly sure Jan made this one too.  Perhaps Cheryl quilted it?

These four are Evelyn's work.  Nice quilting on this one...

This photo shows some of the unfinished tops as well.

Towards the end of July, Lesley, Cheryl & Jill represented our group at the morning tea held by the Senior Citizens Association.  This is a major fund raising event for the Association so we donated some children's wraps, which will be given to Westmead Children's Hospital.

And here are the ladies from the Knitting/Crochet group who meet in the hall with their donations. 

Do you wonder where our quilts end up?  Well also in July, Jill sent us an update on the quilt numbers for this year.  This is what has been donated to the end of July.  (plus about 12 quilts to various organisations for fund raising raffles):
Palliative Care Concord Hospital                                               23
Kalparrin Day Care (Dementia Unit Dame Edith Walker)          13
Concord Meals On Wheels                                                         6
Ronald Mcdonald House                                                           26
Domestic Violence NSW                                                           72
Westmead Childrens Hospital (Cancer Centre)                        69
Kathleen York House                                                                14
Total As At July 2016                                                              223

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  1. Lovely quilts and amazed at your numbers, but you have some very talented and dedicated ladies - well done!!