Saturday, 7 May 2016

May - First Meeting

Our first meeting for May this year was on Thursday 5th.  We just about had full house, with 12 people turning up on the day.

There was a bit of business to discuss.  During the past month, 12 lap quilts were taken to Concord Palliative Care.  Then on April 28, Cheryl and Jill to 20 singles and 21 children's quilts to the Domestic Violence Unit.  These will probably be going out to western NSW to places such as Bourke and Walgett, where sadly, there is a need for them.  Both these organisations will be happy to accept ongoing donations.

Good news is that Drummoyne Rotary are proposing to donate $500 to our group.  We are truly grateful for their continued support.  There will be a presentation dinner in July.

First cab off the rank for Show and Tell this time were two quilts donated to our group by Coleen's friend Maureen.  They were quilted by Robin.

Maureen has been a staunch supporter, and frequently sends us quilt tops.  Thank you Maureen.
The next two are Robin's work.

This one was made by Cheryl and quilted by Robin.

Jill made the next three.  They were quilted by Robin.

This next quilt was made by Evelyn & Robin for Quilts of Hope.  Evelyn received 6 blocks and some fabric made up the rest of the blocks required.  Robin helped with the blocks and did the quilting. 
The next four quilts were made by Evelyn.

This next one is not made from strips of fabric, but from dozens of triangles.  Looks amazing.

The quilts were made from blocks left over from another project.  Amazing left overs - enough to make up 2 more lap quilts! 
This quilt was paper pieced and was donated in pieces.  Jan completed it and has quilted it.   
Besides all the quilts I've shown the ladies made up 19 little baby wraps for Westmead Children's Hospital.  I've photographed them in groups of 4, but don't count them - I forgot to take a photo of one of the groups (sorry girls).  Anne made 2, Cheryl 7, Jill 8, Jan and Ellen 1 each.

That's all for now. 

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