Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Organising & Sorting

We decided that our meeting last week would be a sorting & organising day.  You will all know the feeling of cupboards and boxes stuffed to overflowing so much so that you can't find anything.

But first we had lunch & show & tell.  During lunch, Maria told us about the visit to Ronald MacDonald House.  Cheryl, Colleen & Maria took 17 quilts to deliver which were handed over to Stephanie.  Each child is given a quilt and a knitted teddy bear, so our quilts were very well received.  The facility currently has room for 18 children and their families, and is staffed by volunteers.  There is a large extension planned, but will not be open for a while.

More news is that at the next meeting, a representative from the Inner Wheel, an International Service Organisation for Women, will come for a visit.  This organisation is looking to support our group in some way.

Also next meeting, a representative from the Rose Gallagher Project will be coming to formally thank the group for our recent donation.

These are the completed quilts which came in this time.  Robin.....



This one made by Jackie will be going to Barnardos..... 
Jan made this one for Barnardos from a Wendy Williams pattern.
And a close up of the cute design......
No one remembers who made this one, most probably a donation.  It was quilted by Robin.

By the end of the day, several large storage boxes had been sorted, refolded and restacked.  We pulled fabrics we wouldn't use.  Some of these went to an op shop and some we are going to try to destash, the proceeds, if any, will go to buying supplies.

We also selected some quilts to be donated.  One will go to Barnwell Park Golf Club for their Charity Day raffle; One for donation to a raffle by Barnardos; and for the Domestic Violence unit 12 singles for the women, and 10 for the children.

The job is not complete, but the cupboards look heaps better already! 


  1. All the quilts are just stunning, but I just melted with the first one. Love the sepia tones and the little girls panels with setting is just wonderful. We are having someone from the charity we send out pillowcases to come to speak so the guild members get the full picture of how these are dristributed and how they are so appreciated.

  2. A lovely selection of gifts there, well done all of y OI.
    I've been trying to sort and de stash over the last 3 years, before, during and since a move lol
    I'm still doing it LOL
    I have decided to avoid all shows so I'm not undisciplined enough to buy anything else but I could seriously do with a lock on my EBay access!