Friday, 24 July 2015

July Goodies

We met last week again, and boy, was it a productive meeting!

Cheryl was back from a few weeks in Cowra, and as always, when she goes there, she sews, and sews, and sews.

Evelyn excelled herself again.  I think she must sew in her sleep.....


These are quilts made by Jan.  Not sure if she quilted them too.

This one was a donation a couple of years ago, partially made.  We made up a single sized quilt at the time, and now there were enough leftovers for another small single. 

My contribution was a quilt top made by my 12 year old grand daughter during the school holidays.  It is made for a Barnardos child, hence the fuzzed out name. 
My secretary (me) was slack and I have no notes on who made the following ones.  Forgive me if I haven't acknowledged your work.

I am pretty sure that Maria quilted this one.

After lunch we laid out all the completed quilts on the floor of the hall, so that we could work out which ones were going where.  I jumped on the stage to take some photos.  Awesome eh?

Our current projects are Ronald McDonald House, Domestic Violence refuge, and Barnardos.  So some quilts were selected for delivery to each of these projects.


  1. Awesome quilts indeed! Love seeing them all laid out.

  2. Wonderful! What fun to see them laid like that and know they have been made and are sent forward with such kindness and hope : )

  3. Beautiful quilt show. All the quilts will bring much love and comfort,