Thursday, 26 March 2015

March Madness

Well not quite!  It was our meeting last week and we actually covered quite a bit of ground.

Not many quilts came in.  I think we all outdid ourselves last meeting!

Before I go on, apologies for the photos.  The lighting was particularly bad in the hall, and I took these with my phone.  So I have had to seriously photoshop them all.

A few arrived which had been completed, and those I have already shown you previously in various stages.

Evelyn brought in a couple she has made.

Top by Dasha
Quilt by Darleen

Ellen brought in these two - they are destined for Aussie Heroes.

This little cot panel was donated by my friend Di from Friday Quilters.  I told you about it in my last post.  It is now complete with borders & binding.

We covered a lot of business this meeting.  First up, we had a request for quilts from Ronald McDonald House.  This is an organisation providing housing near to or on the premises of major hospitals for families of sick kids funded primarily by McDonalds.  Is this an Australia only initiative?  The main one in Sydney is associated with Westmead Children's Hospital, which is the major Kids Hospital in NSW.  We will be providing them with cot quilts, quilts for wheel chairs and bed toppers in the near future.
We have also been approached by Cara House, which is an organisation which offers a safe place for children, adults and families to heal from the impacts of trauma and abuse.  We have already given them 2 quilts for fund raisers and will be making more in the future.
We have also given several quilts to the Concord Hospital Palliative Care unit.  These two were selected from the cupboard this time, bringing the total donated to six.
The little shop at Concord Hospital is planning a Mothers Day raffle in aid of Cancer Research.  (Mothers Day in Australia is the first Sunday in May).  We chose this quilt to send to them for the raffle.
The complete top was donated to Stitching Hearts by the ladies at Friday Quilters last year, and it was quilted by Robin.
Each year we have given a quilt to St Patrick's Catholic Church, Mortlake for their annual Mother's Day raffle.  This is the one we chose to give them this year..
The blocks for that quilt were made by Julia Peake.  She donated them to Stitching Hearts, I completed the top and Robin quilted it.
Late last year, we gave a quilt to Betty Robertson for the Christmas raffle at the Concord Community Hostel, Rhodes.  This facility accommodates 62 residents, with a 40-bed Residential Care hostel unit and 22-bed Residential Care secure dementia unit.
The quilt came in as a donation and was a complete quilt.  It had a top layer of a sheer fabric which had unfortunately been torn in one corner.  Obviously the reason it was donated in the first place.
Clever Jan appliqued a pretty satin ribbon over the top on each of the corners, which completely covered the tear.   The result is one stunning quilt.

It will be a while until you hear from me again as I am off overseas and will not be going to another meeting until mid-May.  We have had to cancel a couple of meetings because quite a few of us are off travelling and also because of Easter. 
Ooo-Roo as they say.


  1. A lot of lovely quilts that are sure to give many hugs. Yes, we have Ronald McDonald Houses here in the US - it is one of the charities that our quilt guild delivers quilts to.

  2. I stayed in a Ronald McDonald house in Colorado Springs, CO in 2002 when my first grandson was born 9 weeks early. A very worthy organization. You are angels to help out. A lot of beautiful quilts here. Love the one with applique.

  3. What a busy group!!! Great quilts!