Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Second June Meeting

The last few meetings we have been stash busting; using lots of the fabric in the bins at Cabarita.  Evelyn has worked like a slave and prepared a whole heap of "kits" for us to sew.  Some of these are now starting to appear here in the photos, and you will see lots more in the coming weeks as they tops are completed and quilted.  In fact if you have read the last few posts you will see that I have included a few of these quilts in those too.
Here are 3 that came in this week.  First two made by Evelyn, and I am pretty sure I saw Robin sewing the third one at the Retreat we went to in May.

Next one is by Evelyn, also made on Retreat.

Next up are two by Dasha, both quilted by Cheryl.

Lesley made the next one, quilted by Bev.

And some adorable applique by Bev.

We make flannel baby wraps for Westmead Children's Hospital.  Most of them are made by Cheryl and Jill.  This week they came up with no less than 14 between them!

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