Saturday, 8 July 2017

April 6th

Here are some photos of our meeting way back in the beginning of April.  As usual the group has come up with a great bunch of quilts.
First up are three quilts made by Dasha.  Not sure who quilted them.

Road to Oklahoma Blocks in Rainbow colours.
Made by Jill and quilted by Maria
Made by Evelyn and quilted by Maria


Maria quilted this one

And two by Robin.  Love the black and grey shading on this.

Not sure about the next one, but I think it was quilted by Robin.

You might think we only had a few members from the photos I post, but in fact there are several who work hard each week in the background, and without whom we would never be able to manage.  They are the fabric sorters, backing piecers, wadding cutters, pin basters and those who like to sit and sew the labels on.  Go girls, you are invaluable!


  1. All just wonderful! You ladies do such fantastic work together.

  2. Such fabulous quilts and wonderful results from so many with kindness and generosity in their hearts.