Wednesday, 1 February 2017

January 2017

Hello to the New Year! 

Our first meeting for 2017 was on the 19th January.  It was just great seeing everyone after a 2 month summer break.  Several birthdays in January, so we all congratulated one another and had a slice of Colleen's delicious cake.

Items discussed were possible places for us to donated to including a refuge and a new (to us) nursing home in Ashfield.  Jill showed us the Domestic Violence Annual Report for 2015/16 where we were credited in two places.  We have also been approached by a quilting magazine for an article about our group, which is exciting.  I'll keep you posted on that.

Everyone was super productive over the Christmas period.  So be prepared for a lot of photos.  And this is only half of it as we don't photograph the incomplete tops.

The first 7 were made and quilted by Evelyn:

The above quilt is a "Stack & Whack" technique.  You line up several layers of fabric on the fabric repeat, then cut through the lot.  You can see the effect in the image below, where all the blades of the star shape are the same.  Its brilliant and very effective!

The next 9 are made and quilted by Robin (she said she was clearing out the backlog in her sewing room!).

Cute aeroplanes

The next two were partly completed tops, finished by Dasha, quilted by Evelyn

Next two were made by Dasha and quilted by Bev.

This was made entirely from orphan blocks

Next two are Bev's work..

This one was made by Bev & quilted by Evelyn.

Jan completed this quilt from a bunch of quilt as you go hexagons.

Jill made this little top, quilted by Dasha

Last, last, lucky last, for this time at any rate, quilt made by Dasha & quilted by Robin.

Thanks for sticking it out to read to the end of this super long post.

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  1. Lots of inspiration and eye candy here. Thanks for sharing. ;^)