Wednesday, 30 November 2016

First November Meeting and a Lovely Surprise

I thought I had better set to and write at least one of the outstanding posts from November since we are meeting again tomorrow.  That will be our Christmas lunch so no work will be done, just a lot of laughing, eating and talking.  Not necessarily in that order. 😃  There might also be the odd glass of wine there too.  We are making a donation to the Flying Doctor Service instead of giving gifts to one another this year.

The group has had several invitations for Christmas functions - The Mayor's Morning Tea on the 30th November; the Senior Citizen's Lunch on 5th December; and Catholic Care has invited us to an End of Year Mass and Lunch.  We are sending several members of the group to each of these functions.

Concord Hospital advised us that our last donation raised $250 in a raffle. 

Lots of lovely quilts came in.  We are so lucky to receive donations of completed tops sometimes.  The first three quilts are donations.

Cheryl quilted this pretty one:

Donated top
Look at the detail in this.  The 9 patches were made using 2" squares.

These two are Jelly Roll Race quilts.  They were donations, and were quilted by Maria.

 Bev made this cute basket quilt.

Jan made this one.  Click on the photo to see a larger version of the photo.  The shapes are terrific! 

The designs are called Tangrams, and she was inspired by this web page:  There are literally a bazillion shapes you can make up with the simple triangle/square shape. 
This is also Jan's work:

Lovely, mushrooms, butterflies and other insects.  There's also a frog and a turtle.  All in Jan's trademark needle turn applique.

Next up is Evelyn's fun kids quilt.  What little boy wouldn't love the dinosaurs?

And this one is by Evelyn too.  Great quilt for a man.

Jill made the following quilt, and Evelyn quilted it.

And this is another Jill/Evelyn combo.

And now for the surprise.  Back in one of the posts I did in September (which you can see by clicking here, I showed you a pretty little pink quilt made by Robin.
This quilt made it's way to Ronald McDonald House and ended up on the bed of a sweet little girl (I'll call her "A" here) who needed an operation at Westmead.  Now the mother (I shall call her B here) was an enterprising soul, and found our blog address on the label.  B wasn't a blogger, so had to create a profile for herself before she could leave a message of thanks to Robin.  When the email came to me, I forwarded it to Robin, but had to reply on the blog as B was a No Reply Blogger.  A few more messages flew back and forth, and finally we received a couple of the loveliest photos of A with the quilt on her bed.  I am not sharing these photos for obvious reasons.  Wasn't that lovely of B to track us down just to say thank you?  Makes me want to go sew another quilt.  LOL


  1. So many pretty quilts - you gals are fabulous. What a special story - makes it so worth it.

  2. Wonderful quilts and how lovely to receive thanks too. I imagine you don't look for thanks or expect to get any, but
    how lovely that when you get them, it means so much and someone took so much trouble to ensure that you did get them! : )