Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Second Meeting for September

Its interesting to see what comes in each time we meet.  Some weeks there is a veritable flood of tops and completed quilts, other weeks there's just a few.  Our second meeting for September was the first sort - a heap of completed quilts were brought in.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to identify who made a couple of these.

Here is what came in:

Cheryl made the first 2

Robyn has been busy.  She must have quilted in her sleep!  The next two were tops donated by Coleen's friend, Maureen.  Robyn quilted them.

This one is one of 4 tops.  The mother of a friend of mine donated two very large tops.  I split them into 4 smaller tops, and added borders to make up single bed quilts.  This one was quilted by Robyn. 

This is another one quilted by Robyn.  Not sure who made it.
Next three quilts were made by Robyn.

Told you she was quilting in her sleep!
Evelyn made this one.

Evelyn also quilted the next two which were made by Jill.

Not sure who made these next two.

And this last one might have been made by Ann

So that's it for September.  See you next time.


  1. Again, you gals just amaze me with all the lovelies you make and donate - well done!

  2. Dear Robyn, I wanted to take the time to post to say that your pink quilt above has found itself a happy home. It was kindly given to us last week during our stay at Ronald McDonald house in Westmead, where we stayed while our 19 month old daughter had surgery. It was lovely having a burst of colour in our room, and it is now keeping her warm at night on our return home to Canberra and reminding us of the kindness of others. Thank you so much!! ❤️

    1. Thank you for the kind words GratefulInCanberra. I attempted to email you a reply, but you are a No Reply Blogger. So please accept this as a big Thank You for visiting and leaving a comment. Your comment has been forwarded to Robin.

    2. Great, so glad to know Robin will get the feedback :) if you have an email address for her or your group I'd love to email a photo of her "quilt in action", and apologies I'm a blog novice so wasn't sure how to sign up properly, but at least the message got through!

    3. Hello GratefullInCanberra. If you look on the right hand side bar above, you will see my name under the heading "contributors". If you click on that you should be able to see a link to my email address. If you email me, I will make sure Robin gets the photo. Thank you for taking the time to respond.