Wednesday, 17 August 2016

August! Can you Believe it?

I think our Winter might be over!  We have had some absolutely glorious sunny days with 20-22C temps and how I wish it was like this all through the year.
We met for our first August meeting last week.  At this rate, in no time at all we will be skidding into Christmas!

At the business end of the meeting, Jill told us that she had been contacted by Kathleen Yorke House.  They need 7 single bed quilts and 7 for children/babies.  Later on, when we sorted the quilts on hand we realised that we had pretty much all the children's quilts needed, and only needed one or two more of the adult ones.

Drummoyne Rotary have requested 2 quilts for raffling - one for their Golf Day and one for the Spring Dance. 

There were quite a few quilts brought in this week.

Bev made the first two:

This next quilt was from a deceased estate.  We were lucky enough to acquire it.  Quilted by Evelyn.
Here is a close up of the quilt.  Isn't it lovely?

The next 2 are a pair of cute kid's quilts with Cheryl trademark style stamped all over them.  Gorgeous cheerful quilts Cheryl!

The next two were made by Robyn before she left for her trip overseas.  They were both quilted by Cheryl.

Over the last few months several of us have made some placemats from some of the Christmas fabrics in our cupboard.  They will be donated to Concord Hospital and will hopefully cheer up the tables during the Christmas Season. 

Last of all, we pulled out a number of quilts which might do as raffle quilts for Rotary, although I don't think we made a decision.  This is one we have had in the cupboard for ages, and I am sure I have shown it before, but such a long time ago I thought it was worth another photo. 

It is made of 2" hexagons and is hand pieced.  The fabrics are quite old, so it has an antique feel to it.  The top was donated completed to the pale blue border.  Jan finished it off by adding the borders - thankfully there was some of the navy fabric in the bundle, so she was able to use that for the outer border.  Here is a close up of it.

That's it for now.

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  1. Lovely quilts and the placematts are a joy. What a fabulous hexie quilt!!