Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Missing April Post

When Stitching Hearts met on 21 April, I was in the wilds of Queensland.  Evelyn was kind enough to take these photos for me.  Unfortunately I don't have a list of who made what.  So apologies to those I don't name.

First up are a couple from Robin. 


Not sure who made this sweet little quilt.

The next two are Cheryl's trademark - bright, scrappy, fun quilts.

This one is a combined effort - Jill made the blocks which she donated to Stitching Hearts, I put them together, and Robin quilted it.
The next two were originally one large king size quilt top donated to the group.  We don't use that size quilt, so I split the quilt top into two and put borders on them to make two single sized quilts.  Robin quilted them.

Evelyn made the next two quilts.  Love the kaleidoscopes in the first of these.

The next 12 are little baby wraps which will be donated to Westmead Children's hospital.  7 were made by Cheryl and 5 by Jill.  These girls churn them out by the dozen!  They are so sweet.

That's it for now.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Half Way Through the Year!

Here we are almost at the end of June.  The Winter Solstice (Summer one for those in the Northern Hemisphere) is done and dusted, and we are all feeling the chill as a cold snap has hit us.

Nevertheless, we had a great meeting last week.  For the business end of the meeting, Jill told us that another 12 quilts have gone to Ronald MacDonald House.  We also provide the Senior Citizens club with quilts for sale at their annual Morning Tea, with proceeds going to Westmead Children's Hospital, as do the quilts left over from that day.  This year we provided 72 baby wraps and 7 children's quilts.

Here's our Show and Tell for the meeting:

Evelyn made the first two.

I love the way the Half Square Triangles have been laid out - they look like they are twisted ribbons.

Next up were three little flannel raw edge raggy quilts made by Bev in lovely bright colours.

The alternate blocks had little quilted animals and other shapes.

She also made this pretty scrappy quilt.

Cheryl made the next two.

There's bound to be a little horse-mad girl who will adore this quilt.
This quilt was a donation from Coleen's friend.  Her sewing group are so good in supporting us, they make donations very regularly.  The quilt was quilted by Cheryl. 

The next two quilts were made by Shirley, one of our members, who sadly passed away a couple of years ago.  If you would like to read the tribute to Shirley, click here.  Shirley's husband donated all of her sewing things and unfinished quilts to us.  They were quilted by Dasha.

The Baskets needed something "extra", so now each basket is sporting a couple of little yellow flowers.  A couple were so full, that they overflowed!

Jill and Lesley made half a dozen baby wraps.

I just love Jill's green ants with their crowns!
Lesley's have a sweet little angel appliqued in the centre.

As June has 5 weeks, our next get together is a social one.  The ladies are all travelling up to the Central Coast by train for lunch on the 30th to visit Jan and I, who are locals.  The journey is more than half the fun!  We are invading the Fisherman's Wharf at Woy Woy.