Monday, 1 February 2016

First Meeting for 2016

Our first meeting for 2016 was last week.  Since we hadn't been to the centre since the end of November, a heap of tops and finished quilts came in. 
The way we work is that quilts come in either as a quilt top or a completed quilt, and they are either made by our members or are donations.  Those that come in as a top are matched with wadding and backings, and pinned at our meetings.  Then people just grab a quilt that needs quilting and take it home to do.
First up is a quilt top made by Jan and quilted by Cheryl.

This one came in partly made as a donation.  It is hand pieced.  Jan completed it, added borders and Cheryl quilted it.

Cheryl made this one. 
 These next two were donations.  Cheryl added borders and quilted them.

Cheryl made this pretty little girl's quilt.

And this crazy log cabin....

And this one too.....  Did the girl sleep??

I don't think Evelyn had time to sleep either.  Evelyn has bought herself a Sweet 16 quilting machine, and I think she has been practising on these. 
She made this cute Paddington Bear panel up into a cute child's cot quilt.

And the alphabet cot quilt.....

And the Disappearing 9 patch.....

And this one too.....

And this one too (sorry, it's on its side.  When I turned to it looked daft, so you'll need to look at it sideways)

This is a whole cloth quilt, and the photo doesn't do it justice.  Beautiful piece of fabric.

This last one was a donation.  It is actually one piece of fabric, but the quilter has outlined each circle with quilting to make it look as if the black pieces were appliqued on.   It is so effective.

And here are a couple of photos of all the quilts laid out on the floor of the hall where we meet.

Awesome effort ladies! Well done.

Before I finish up, I thought I would give you a breakdown of the quilts we donated in 2015.

Quilts for raffles                                        14
Lap quilts                                                  53
Single bed quilts                                       28
Children's (crib, cot & singles)                120
Double bed quilts                                        6
Total quilts donated 2015                        221

You know you beaver away on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis but it is only when you see the figures laid out like this that you realise what a terrific effort our members put in.  That is 221 people who have benefitted from our little group in the last year. 

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  1. All lovely quilts and an outstanding year of donations - congratulations ladies!