Sunday, 14 February 2016

February Already

Last week was our first meeting for February.  Not quite as many quilts came in this time, but it was only 2 weeks since our previous meeting, so a stirling effort! 

This week we had the pleasure of making friends with Beverly who has come to join us. 

As usual, we started with Show and Tell.

Jan made the next two quilts and quilted them as well.

This one was made by Jill and quilted by Evelyn.


You may have noticed that sometimes I photograph quilts where the binding is not sewn down, as in the two above.  This is because several of the ladies really enjoy hand sewing the binding on quilts.  So several of us machine sew the binding and leave it to be finished by someone else.

This one was made by Cheryl and quilted by Robin.

I love the quilting that Robin did in the plain squares.  Here is a close up....

If you have read the last few posts I have done, you will have noticed that I have mentioned an awful lot of donated quilts.  We were lucky enough to get part of the stash from a deceased estate.  Robin went to collect it and sorted it - we had a portion, some went to the op shop which supports Crowle House, and the balance went to the Quilter's Guild for their charity group.  Our part of the stash consisted of a lot of completed and part completed tops, a lot of fabric, and a few notions.

The centre of this next quilt is a donation, the borders added by Jan, and she quilted it.

The next two are whole cloth quilts (one piece of fabric) which has been quilted by Robin.  Love the fabric in the first one.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  It is a lovely rich blend of colours, in a stunning pattern.

These cheerful sunflowers were made by Jill

Robin made the centre blocks for this, Evelyn added the borders to enlarge it and then Robin quilted it.

The blocks for this next quilt were donated to us by Linda Butcher.  The ladies of the Trinity Grammar Quilters each made a block, Robin made a couple of extras to make it up to size, then constructed and quilted it. 

This is one of the blocks made by Robin.

And this one is by Linda.

When Stitching Hearts first started, we used to meet in one of the rooms at the Purple Patch quilt shop in Cabarita.  Linda worked at the Purple Patch, and she and the owner were always very supportive of our group.  Sadly, the shop is now no longer, but the connection to Linda continues.  Thank you Linda!

Last time I did a blog post, I mentioned the quilts we had donated.  One bit of feedback was "nice to know the statistics, but where did the quilts go"?  So here is where our donations went in 2015:

14 Raffle Quilts:

St Patrick's Church, Mortlake; Newington Preschool; Concord Hospital, Cancer Research; Cara House; Cabarita Senior Citizen's Centre; Barnardos, Wyong; Catholic Care; Concord Hospital, Irritable Bowel Research; Concord Hospital.

Donation Quilts:

Anglicare, 16 laps;
Concord Hospital, Palliative Care Unit, 21 laps;
Westmead Children's Hospital (Oncology), 47 baby wraps;
Catholic Care, Rose Gallagher cottage, 6 doubles;
Ronald McDonald House, 41 children's;
Barnardos, Wyong, 17 children's;
Domestic Violence, 10 children's, 21 singles;
St Mary's Villa Nursing Home, 10 laps;
Estia Health, Aged Care, 6 laps;
Kathleen Yorke House, 7 singles, 5 children's.

That's it for this time.

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  1. Another wonderful show and tell of some very beautiful quilts made with such loving hands.