Saturday, 24 January 2015

A Brand New Year

We had the first meeting for 2015 last week.  It was lovely!  So good to see everyone after the long summer break.  It seemed like forever since we had all been together.

A few of the ladies must have spent the entire summer holidays behind the sewing machine, because there was a goodly crop of lovely quilts show off at the start of the meeting.

Cheryl made these first three.  The first couple are tops, and the third one is a complete quilt.

Love this next one - I've seen this block on the net lately, and it is so effective.


Next two are Jan's.  This first one is a flimsy.

And I have shown you these chooks before, except that now it is quilted.  They are such fun!

Jill made the following quilts:

Take a look at this next one.  The rows have been offset so that each of the rows have one end with an unsashed block.  This makes the cornerstones offset too.  Doesn't it look great?

Maria quilted this one.  Not sure who made it.

No one owned up to making this quilt, but we think it may have been Darleen.  It is now quilted and is such a lovely happy rainbow quilt.

And this is the last of the quilts made for the kids at the Wickham Student Facility.  Made by Dasha.

We have decided that next meeting will be a sewing day.  The plan is to set up some machines and piece backings and make a few simple tops from some of the available fabrics. Our dynamo, Evelyn is planning to kit up some tops before we meet so that we can simply set to and sew when we get there. 


  1. Oh those are all such fun! I really like the circles one! Thanks for sharing!

  2. All of these are just wonderful and such diversity in the group.