Wednesday, 8 October 2014

First of the October Meetings

We have two meetings per month, and last week it was the first meeting for October.  We always have show and tell first.  Isn't that the best part of the meetings??

Remember all that chopping we have done at our last couple of meetings?  Here are some results from packs of 6" squares.....


And Darleen.
Jill.  Destined for Anglicare (Anglican care organisation)

Jill also took some orphan basket blocks from the cupboard and made up 2 lovely quilt tops.  I laid them out to photograph, and then got distracted.  Sorry Jill :(
Jan made the next several quilts.  For the first one, she used a bunch of Suffolk puffs, which have been hanging around in the cupboard for at least 3 years, to make the centres of the flowers. So soft and pretty.

This single bed sized top is just 2 fabrics and 2 blocks - a nine patch and a snowball.  So vibrant in real life and so effective.

This one started as a pile of blocks, obviously discarded from another project, and made by Jackie, who blogs here.  Jackie was kind enough to post me a huge parcel of fabric and UFOs from the States earlier this year.  Thank you Jackie!  Jan put them all together to make this up. 

This is a double bed size, made by Jan for Kelly (name changed for privacy), one of the kids at the Wickham Student Accommodation facility run by Samaritans.  Turquoise and earthy colours were requested.

Darleen made this fun animal kid's quilt and Jill quilted it. 

Evelyn has made a single sized quilt with crazy pieced scraps.  Looks fabulous.

Coleen brought this quilt in last time, made and donated to our group by her friend Maureen who is legally blind.  We decided it needed a border, so Coleen added the border and here it is as a finished top ready for quilting.

This quilt has a long, long story!  Back something like 6 years ago the Friday Quilters had a sewing day, and we sewed up a storm.  Several people sewing, some cutting, others ironing.  We made 3 or 4 tops, can't remember now.  They were completed and sent off to a charity assisting Aids patients.  One got left as just blocks.  Eventually, a year or two later, Fiona put the blocks together into a top, and then it sat some more.  Earlier this year, the completed top was donated to Stitching Hearts, and Robin quilted it on her long arm.  Woo Hoo!!  It's finished!!
After lunch, it was time for some work.  We store a lot of our stuff under the stage in the hall, and the lovely Evelyn is usually the one who crawls holous bolous under the stage to get it all out....

Thank you Evelyn!!

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  1. Lots of show and tell here! Hope your group has a great Christmas!