Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Last Goodies from August

I have been very slow in getting these photos up to show what came in during the last meeting for August.  It was a big day.

Edited: 26 September - I made quite a few errors in this when I first posted it, so I am correcting it and giving credit to the right people.  Apologies for my errors!

First up, Cheryl brought in 2 lovely scrappy quilt tops, a Disappearing 9 Patch

And a pretty top in Japanese prints.  I love the little 9 patches used as cornerstones.

Jill made a top destined for Anglicare.  It is a kids quilt, with little red monkeys on bikes and carts and doing all sorts of fun stuff.

This one was originally a bunch of blocks which made their way to us from Aussie Heroes.   They were sewn together and quilted by Evelyn.

Jill also made this top which is to be donated to the Barnwell Park Golf Club when it is completed, for their Charity Day raffle to be drawn on the 14th September
Robin was super busy!  These were panels which she joined up to make a quilt top, then quilted.

And these were a bunch of orphan blocks, made put together & quilted by Evelyn.

This quilt was a collaborative quilt made by the Friday Quilters rather a long time ago and donated as a completed top to Stitching Hearts.  Robin quilted it. 

Orphan blocks rescued by Robin.  This needs a border or two to finish it off before its quilted.  The Bow Ties are 3-D.

Gorgeous 1930s top made by Robin
Jan brought in a top, with seriously cute appliqued chooks on it

A close up of one of the chooks.  Isn't it a delight?

And a lovely medallion quilt

These tops are by Dasha.  If you read my blog, you will recognise "Pink Fizz"

"Blue Nines"

and "Green Beans Please"

And the top donated by Friday Quilter friend, Di, fixed and borders added by Dasha 

Coleen made this lovely quilt.

Last but not least, this flimsy was made and donated to Stitching Hearts by Theresa

Next up I have to tell you an inspiring story about the Samaritans, but you will have to wait for a day or two as its another Stitching Hearts day tomorrow, and I won't get a chance to write that post.

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  1. What a lot of lovely quilts! Oh, those Chooks are adorable!