Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Art in the Park back in October 2012

Going through some old photos, Darleen passed some on to me.  So that is a good excuse to tell you about this great event in which we participated.

Art in the Park was promoted by Canada Bay Council, and occurred in October 2012.  It was held in Cabarita Park, which fronts onto the beautiful Parramatta River.  There is a ferry wharf at the end of the park.  Here is the River Cat which plies the river between Circular Quay (in Sydney) and Parramatta, coming into the wharf.

It was a glorious evening, although very windy.  We set up a table opposite the entrance to the Olympic sized pool which opens out to the water, and strung our quilts along the railings.

We had quite a few people come past and admire the handiwork.  Here are a few of the quilts we displayed that day.  (The photos were taken in our hall as we selected the quilts to display).  Unfortunately the camera used for these photos left a blurry mark on most of them. 

This was Jan's first contribution to the group.  Isn't it divine?

And there is a story to go with this next one.  During the afternoon the attendants working at the pool came out to look at our display.  One of the Lifesavers was here on a working holiday from Denmark (I think).  He fell in love with our quilts and came out 3 or 4 times to look at them.  We had a little confab, and decided to gift one to him to take home.  He literally skipped with glee when we told him, and chose this one.

We asked if he wouldn't prefer a more masculine one, and his answer was No, he didn't want a stereotyped male quilt, he wanted something different.  Well his English wasn't quite up to that sentence, but we got the gist of it with lots of hand waving and gesticulations.  So this mauve one went to him.

Here we all are.

During the afternoon we all took turns to wander around the Park to see what was going on.  These guys were amazing.

These two ladies were doing whacky yarn bombing knitting.  You were encouraged to sit down and have a go at that loom you can see there, on which they were weaving with plastic bags.

And this lady was wearing all sorts of "recyclable rubbish".

Besides these, there was face painting for kids, the Rotary Sausage Sizzle, a huge raffle for a new car, displays of indigenous dance, a display by the Historical Society, and a series of concerts.  There was heaps to keep you occupied.

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  1. You all look so happy and relaxed - it looks like it was a fun time. Those quilts are amazing! xCathy