Sunday, 22 June 2014

May Meeting

I have done it again.  Here is a post I wrote a month ago and does not appear to be incomplete, which I have found in the "drafts" box.  Apologies.  This time I will actually post it!  Enjoy.....
We met mid May, but life has been so busy for me this last couple of weeks that here it is the end of May before I have had time to write this.
These lovely cheerful quilt tops were made by Cheryl

This one was made by Jill a few weeks back, and Maria quilted it.

Made by Jackie, quilted by Maria.

Another one made by Cheryl

Jan made the next three quilt tops.
This one started out with an appliqued basket on a piece of plain cream fabric.  Jan took this home, added some lovely flowers to the basket, and lots and lots of half square triangles for borders, to make it a gorgeous quilt.
We decided to donate this quilt to Jeanette O'Hara who is organising the upcoming Senior Citizens' lunch at the club as a door prize.

Lovely scrappy "man" quilt.

And one with flowers appliqued to the centre of the 4 patches.

Made by Jill, quilted by Dasha
The next two were made by Jan a few weeks ago, but this week they came in quilted by Robin.

The next two photos are of baby wraps made by Jill.  They will end up at Westmead Hospital for the nursery there.

And lastly, these two were made by Jill.  They are not part of Stitching Hearts, but she brought them in to show us.  One is for Community Cat Care, the other is for Animal Liberation and both will be used as raffle quilts by the organisations.

We selected 5 single bed quilts to be donated to a new residential centre being built by the Greek Orthodox diocese for disabled adults at Gladesville. 

I am getting better at recording who made what.  I come armed with both writing pad and camera, but I still have to shriek "Stop, wait!  Who made that?" at least 5 times a day.   The others are getting used to me running around like a mad thing taking photos of everything!   They have even been known to turn around and say "Have you got that Dash?"
Its a 5 week month so the next meeting is not until the first week in June.
PS.  Have you noticed our logo I put up on the right side bar?  The logo goes onto the label sewn onto each and every quilt which is made by our group.

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  1. What a lovely lot of quilts! Always love to see donation guilts.