Monday, 7 April 2014

March Donations & the Latest News

Last time we met, Darleen, our Fearless Leader, shared some fantastic news - the Rotary Club of Drummoyne has decided to take on our little group and is planning to make a donation.  This financial year's donation will be presented on 21 May at their dinner.  We will be providing a guest speaker on that date.
They are planning to make a donation next financial year as well.  Oh Happy Dance!

Canada Bay Council is our major sponsor; they provide us with the meeting room and a grant each year as well, which varies from year to year.  Our major expenditure is for wadding, and to some extent, our output is governed by our ability to purchase wadding.  The majority of the fabrics we use are donations, so that is not a significant cost to us.  We also sometimes pay for a quilt to be quilted on a long arm machine.  But we limit these to really special quilts which are destined to be raffled. 

So the Rotary Club donation will be a huge relief. We will be able to purchase a couple of rolls of wadding and continue being productive for the rest of this year.

Several quilts were selected as special donations at the last meeting.  They have all been shown before, but here is where they are going.

This red quilt is for Bernice, a very active lady in the community who has given us lots of lovely materials over time.

We selected this quilt for Betty, another very active lady in community.  Betty has now taken over the running of the raffle of our quilts for Concord Hostel, Rhodes and in the past year raised $950 for the charity.

Both ladies have selflessly given so much of themselves to people in need for years on end, that we felt they should have a comfort quilt each.
And last of all, this quilt will be auctioned as a charity fundraiser at the Parish Dinner to be organised by the St Patricks Catholic Church, Mortlake. 

We have been providing quilts for the St Pat's dinners for a number of years, and the auction is usually very successful.  I will report back when I hear how this year's auction went.

The meeting last week was cancelled as the hall where we meet is having some new air conditioning installed.  That is great news, as it does get terribly hot and stuffy in that hall!  Instead, several of us met for lunch.  Nice day.  Thank you to everyone who managed to come.

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  1. I like the last quilt. Can't talk about air conditioning yet as it's still too cold here!