Thursday, 17 October 2013

Several Visitors

Over the last two times at Cabarita we have had some visitors with us.

First up was Shirley who visited us for lunch last time. 

Today Margie, Darleen's daughter came for an hour or so. 

And then we noticed this fellow, tucked away behind the piano on the stage.....

An adult Brush Tail Possum.  We think that he fell through the ceiling in the main hall.  One of the ceiling tiles has dislodged and there is a gaping hole.  We called the Council, but he will have to stay there overnight.  Hope he doesn't do any damage before they manage to collect him.


We put some water out for him, a pear core, and half a banana.  All of these were consumed in short order.  I don't know how long he had been trapped in the hall, but he was very thirsty and hungry.

Colleen brought in some quilts which have been donated to us.  These two are complete:

This gorgeous quilt is just a flimsy, so needs to be quilted.  It is rather large, so we have planned to use this as a raffle quilt sometime after it is completed.

And here is a close up to show the detail.

Today has been a dreadful day - temperatures in the high 30s with strong, gusty winds and devastating fires across the state.  There are two really bad ones near Sydney - one in Camden and one in the Blue Mountains, and something like 30 other bad fires in other parts of NSW.  Poor Ellen got a call mid afternoon to say that her daughter's home had been destroyed.  She of course dashed off home. 

We need to pray for the people who have lost everything, that there are no lives lost and that the fires are brought under control before too many more homes are lost.

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