Monday, 28 October 2013

Concord Community Hostel, MS Society & Minnamurra Aged Care Facility

 Concord Community Hostel
Back a long while ago, someone donated bits of a quilt which was half made.  In quilty terms that is a UFO or an Unfinished Object.  There were quite a few blocks completed, all the fabric required to make the top and, as a bonus, the pattern was with it.
Recently, Robin took it home with her, and in double quick time finished it off, including all the quilting.  Here it is
Each of the 9 blocks were constructed onto a circular piece of fabric, and then appliqued to the background. 

All of the applique was done by using a variety of machine embroidery stitches.  Each block was different both in the fabrics, and pattern and also in the stitches used in the applique.

I think anyone would agree that it has turned out a stunning quilt.  Robin then quilted it all by outlining the different shapes on the blocks, and then stippling in the background.
The whole quilt was finished with a scalloped edge (not an easy bit of construction).

Robyn deserves a round of applause!  It is one of the most beautiful quilts I have seen come through our doors.
The quilt has been donated to the Concord Community Hostel at Rhodes as a raffle quilt.  This is a Residential Care hostel unit with a 22-bed Residential Care secure dementia unit.  We have still to hear how much was raised by the raffle.
MS Society
Several weeks ago, the group presented 8 single bed quilts to the MS Society for their Respite care unit at Lidcombe.  The Studdy MS Residential Unit at Lidcombe in Sydney is a facility operated by the MS Society providing long-term accommodation and short-term respite for people with MS who have moderate to high care needs.
We received a lovely letter of thanks which included this fabulous collage of the quilts presented:
Also included was a photograph of one of the members of Western MS Social and Support Group, while on respite in the MS Residential Unit, with one of the quilts on his knees.

So lovely to see the fruits of our labours being used and enjoyed.
Minnamurra Aged Care Facility
Minnamurra is a Presbyterian Aged Care's facility in Clements Street, Drummoyne with 65 beds.  Over the past month or so we have been working on quilts for this facility.  It is planned to present the residents with the quilts at Christmas time, as some residents do not have family or friends who are able to visit at that time, and the staff felt that it would lift their spirits. 
More on that as we start to deliver the quilts.

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