Monday, 1 April 2013

Rotary Art Show 2010

In 2010 the Drummoyne Rotary's annual show, was held on Saturday, 9th October 2010.  In a departure from the norm, that year there were also collectibles and new & used books.  We were thrilled to be able to be a part of the show that year as well.  The charity being supported that year by Rotary was the Forget Me Not Foundation. 

That is Coleen in the front and Cheryl hiding in the background.  This is the day we had all the quilts out on the floor in the hall, planning which we were going to take to the Show.

We ended up selecting about 30 quilts again, with many of them children's quilts as they are the ones which seemed to sell like hotcakes.

And here is Darleen buried under the mountain of quilts to be taken to the show:

This is a selection of the quilts at the show:

This quilt was interesting to make.  Strippy Queen Cheryl organised a sewing day when we all brought our machines, and strip pieced these quilt-as-you-go blocks.  We made up enough blocks for about 3 quilts that day.  Great way to use up those strips!  We don't waste any fabric in this group.

Red Patch
This one was a single bed quilt in a variety of lovely reds & maroons.

Strip Heaven
Our Strippy Queen Cheryl made this single sized quilt.  So simple to make!  Width-of-fabric strips in various sizes, and in lovely toning beiges and browns.  So simple so effective.  Love it.

Starry Night
Cot quilt in soft pastels with random appliqued stars

This started out life as a donated pair of curtains which were intended for a little girl's bedroom, and only partially finished.  Cut down, rearranged, re-sewn and quilted.  Hey presto!  A gorgeous quilt for a special girl.

Fish Frenzy
Vibrant colours in this quilt with a funky fishy pattern on the border.

Flag Folly
Crazy patch in a variety of purples & mauves.  Single sized quilt.  The patches do look a bit like a bunch of flags!

Saw Tooth
What do you do when someone donates a bundle of Flying Geese units already pieced, with no pattern or other fabrics to go with it?  Well you add some coordinating squares to fit, sash it, and put on a Saw Tooth border of course!  This ended up a lap quilt, as the Flying Geese limited the size. 

Inner West Courier Thursday, 7 October 2010 p.6
The Show and Stitching Hearts were promoted in a column of the Inner West Courier on Thursday, 7 October, 2010 on page 6.  That is Darleen on the left & Cheryl at the back.  You'll recognise some of the quilts I have uploaded onto this post in that photo.

The article reads:

"Quilters stitch up a show for charity

Experience an old-style country fair in the middle of the Inner West at Drummoyne Rotary's annual Art, Quilt, Collectibles and Book Show on Saturday.

Stalls lined up with hand-stitched quilts, preloved and new books, one-of-a-kind works of art and much more will fill the Drummoyne Civic Centre for an all-day fair.

All proceeds will go to the Forget-Me-Not Foundation, which helps the survivors of child abuse.

'This time around we hope to raise $300 for the foundation', Drummoyne Rotary member Dr Lorraine West said.

'Mental Health doesn't get anywhere near enough support.'

Stitching Hearts, a group of volunteers who meet in Drummoyne to make quilts for the needy, will be selling some of their best quilts at the fair.

The Drummoyne Rotary Art, Quilt, Collectibles and Book Show is on Saturday from 9am to 5pm at the Civic Centre, 1 Marlborough St., Drummoyne.
For details or to get involved in Drummoyne Rotary contact Graham Yates at or call Lorraine on 0414 883 289." 


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