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Working Bee at Darleen's 17 January 2008

For ages now, we have been meeting in the middle of January to do a "special" day.  The reason is lost in the mists of time, but I suspect it all began because in the early days, when we met at Purple Patch, a quilt shop which is sadly no longer with us, the shop was not open from Christmas to the end of January.

You know what quilters are like, more than a week or so between meetings, and we have withdrawal symptoms. LOL

Well we used to use the "special" day for organising ourselves.  All the supplies used to live at the Fearless Leader's aka Darleen's.  So the January day was used to co-ordinate things, sort our supplies, put labels on quilts & so on.  There was also lunch thrown in.  

So here we all are at it.....

Shirley with her back to you, Rema, looking for something, and Cheryl looking busy.  There are folded quilt tops on the table at the front - these need to be matched with wadding & backing and then they will need need pinning & quilting.  A pile of completed quilts at the back of the table.

Can you see Darleen's gorgeous leadlight propped up against the window?  She is so artistic!  She does some really beautiful things, and is a real inspiration to us.  Behind Cheryl is a TV program which used to be on the How to Channel, just to keep us tantalised and inspired.  Not that the Slave Driver (aka Darleen) let us stop to watch too much of that!

That is Cheryl with our hand pieced Hexagon Quilt.  It is yet to be quilted in this photo.

Dasha sewing down binding.

The Slave Driver did let us stop for lunch.  And what a terrific spread it was.  Here we have Rema, Lynn, Colleen & Cheryl tucking into the goodies on the table.  Darleen's hubby had a bunch of his mates there too, doing some voluntary work in the back shed, so the table was full, the jokes flew back and forth, and we had lots of laughs.

Since we have been meeting at the Senior Citizen's Club, we have the use of the hall all through the year, but the "special" day is still observed.  Now its usually an excursion somewhere interesting and a lunch out.  As there are 5 birthdays in January in our little group the mid-January day has become a Birthday Excursion.  More on that some other time.

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