Thursday, 31 January 2013

Excursion to Gosford Art Gallery & Japanese Gardens

Six of our ladies, Darleen, Jill, Coleen, Cheryl, Maria & Evelyn, met at Strathfield Station this morning to catch the train to Gosford.  As usual much gossip and hilarity on the trip up.

Once out of the city, the train runs through dense bushland for about half an hour; suddenly the bush opens out on a magnificent view of the Hawkesbury River and you descend a steep hillside to cross the river.  It then makes its way over the river and winds through the Brisbane Waters National Park, along the banks of the river's tributaries, until you reach Woy Woy.  Then the views change to suburbia surrounded by Brisbane Water itself.  I love the trip, and always try to train it to and from Sydney.

Jan & Dasha met the ladies at Gosford and took them on to the Gosford Regional Gallery for lunch and a browse.  You can read a bit about the gallery here.

We had a lovely browse in the gallery shop which had, amongst other things, beautiful jewelery crafted by local artists, the art gallery and a walk through the Japanese Gardens.  The main exhibition room in the gallery was closed for change over of display, but the little side gallery had paintings on display with the theme "Terrigal".  Sadly, the exhibition by Kay Hearland, a local quilt artist had finished. 

The gardens were looking great after the rain we have had through summer, even though we have had several scortching days, so it was lovely strolling along the walks. 
Coleen & Jill 

Darleen, Dasha, Maria & Jill

Evelyn, Cheryl, Darleen & Maria

So where was Jan hiding when these were taken??  You won't get away with that next time Jan.

Then it was on to the adjacent Caroline Bay Brasserie for lunch.  I think we all agreed it was a great venue for lunch!  We had a special toast (with intoxicating water) for our fearless leader Darleen, whose birthday happened to fall today.  Happy Birthday Darleen.  Thanks for organising us for so many years.  Before they left, Jill & Coleen scampered back to the gallery shop to buy some of the gorgeous earrings.

Next time we meet we are hoping to have a sew in, so bring your machines and we'll see how much we can do.

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