Tuesday, 20 June 2017

First Day of Winter

1st June is officially the first day of our Winter, but it was a beautiful day!  Sunny and a high of 19C.  I love this time of the year.

Some of the things we discussed:

An unexpected, and very welcome donation from Dooley's Catholic Club at Lidcombe.  Thank you - much appreciated.  The money will go towards some much needed wadding.

There is a Morning Tea to be held at the Senior Citizens Centre to raise money for charity on the 26th.  We usually donate baby wraps and a quilt to that.  We will also be sending a couple of representatives.

We donated a quilt to the Trinity Grammar School for their raffle at the Trivia Night.  A couple of ladies in the Trinity Craft Group have donated quilt tops to us, so it is good to be able to return the favour.

And lastly, the Concord Hospital Volunteers hold a Market Day on Thursdays where they have a stall at which they sell all sorts of donated items. 

Show & Tell begins with Cheryl, who made these two quilts.

Aren't those dogs just adorable??  Here is a close up.

Cheryl also made 6 baby wraps.  These go to Westmead Children's Hospital.

Bev made the next four.  The first was from a kit prepared by Evelyn, the rest are Bev's.

Jan made the next two.

 Love those owls.

And some Bow Ties from Dasha.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

First May Meeting

There were some nice quilts came in this week.

These cute little sheep were stitched by Bev.

Evelyn made these 4.

Cheryl made a little baby wrap
And three quilts too.


Jan was busy with this hand pieced hexagon quilt.

Robin made these three quilts

Robin also brought in a quilt made by her friend Yvonne Line. 

Robin and Yvonne are friends through the NSW Quilters Guild.  If you would find out a bit more about the Guild, you can click here to go to the Guild web page.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Second Meeting for April

Lots of finished quilts came in this week.  Guess everyone must have been busy sewing over Easter.  Maybe all that chocolate helped!
First cab off the rank is a quilt made by Ann and quilted by Evelyn.
Bit hard to see in the photo, but all those little figures are cute little monkeys.
Next four quilts were all made by Bev.

This one was a donation.  Originally a large quilt top, it was split into two smaller ones and borders added by Dasha.  Quilted by Maria.

Next one was made by Dasha & quilted by Maria.
Next two quilts were made by Evelyn.

The next four quilts were all made by Jill and quilted by Evelyn.

And Jill made and quilted this one.

Maria made these two.....

And quilted this one.

Huge effort ladies.  Well done.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

First March Meeting

Not many quilts this week, and sadly, I can't credit the maker on two of them.  We have now instigated a new system and a label will be attached to all the unfinished quilts that come in so we know who made them.  The new system will take a while to filter through though as there are still quite a few unfinished tops in the cupboard.

Here are the two I can't credit.....

Such a shame that the hard work of making the quilt can't be acknowledged.
This was a donation as a large quilt which Dasha split into two smaller ones and added borders. Maria quilted it.

This next one is Maria's work.

Next are several quilts made by Evelyn.  Well done Evelyn!

So that's it for now.  See you next time.