Saturday, 31 December 2016

Goodbye to 2016

This is the last post for 2016, and a report on our last working day - 17 November.  Bit late coming, I know, but things got a bit hectic over December.

Jill provided us with some statistics for our creativity for this year:

91 x lap quilts
155 x children's quilts
64 x single bed quilts
1 wall hanging

Total: 311 quilts

The quilts were distributed to: - Palliative Care Unit, Concord Hospital; Kalparrin Day Care (Dementia Unit); Meals on Wheels Concord; Ronald McDonald House; Domestic Violence NSW; Anglicare; Kathleen York House; St Mary's Nursing Home; Meals on Wheels Strathfield.

Besides this we gave 69 x baby wraps to Westmead Hospital for fund raising by the volunteers; 11 x raffle quilts to various organisations and 6 quilts to people in the community who were not well.

Here are a batch of quilts laid out being selected for their recipients:

The next two quilts were made by Jan.  The first one was a donation with the back ground pieced and one or two of the leaves appliqued.  Jan completed and quilted it.  It was selected to be given to the Senior Citizens Club as a prize for their Christmas lunch to be held on the 5th December. 

Beautiful Celtic style applique on this one:
This sweet little children's quilt top was one made by Shirley, our friend who lost her life to cancer a couple of years ago.  It was quilted by me (Dasha).  If you wish, there is a post about Shirley which you can visit by clicking here.

Block detail
 The next two quilts were made by Jill.

Quilted by Evelyn

Quilted by Maria
Next up are 2 by Cheryl:

Jill used a pretty toile as the centres of the blocks on this one:

Bev made two strippy quilts:

And Maria was into the strips as well.

Last but not least, two by Evelyn:

Our last meeting for the year was scheduled for 1 December.  We met at the Country Club at Breakfast Point where we had a lovely lunch.  I forgot to take a group photo, but here is one of part of the view from the balcony.  Not bad eh?

See you all in New Year.


  1. You gals do such lovely and generous work - so proud of you all. (check your year sweetie - in a hurry).

  2. Congrats to all the ladies who worked on those wonderful quilts. And to all, a Happy New Year! ;^)

  3. What a feast of fabrics, lovely, lovely work ladies.
    Happy New Year :)