Thursday, 15 October 2015

Last Meeting for September

I have been away again, so my post about the last meeting in September is way late.  Still, better late than never.....


Isn't this a stunning design??

Robin brought in a number of tops she had taken home to quilt on the long arm.  The next 3 are mine
The next one is a quilt going to a 9 year old Barnardos boy & has the child's name on it fuzzed out.

This one was an almost completed top donated.  The bottom left quarter had been pieced incorrectly and the maker had unpicked it and given up.  It didn't take all that long to restitch it.  Nice to see it finished.

This next one is a Barnardos quilt.  It was made during the school holidays by my 12 year old grand daughter from a bunch of squares donated by Coleen's friend.  I took her with me to my quilt group, and she was so enthusiastic she came by the following Sunday to finish it off.

This one came in as a part made queen sized donation.  A couple of years ago I divided the top into two and made a single bed top.  Jan picked up the remainder of the pieces and jigsawed them into a lap sized quilt. 

The next three are all made by Robin

Jill made these next two.  They will be donated to Barnardos for a pair of twin newborn girls.

Great work everyone!

The last few times we have met we have been sorting, collating and destashing excess scraps.  I have managed to sell some of these to add to our coffers.  We will be purchasing more wadding with the proceeds, always our biggest expense.  The cupboards are looking far tidier, even though the job is not yet finished, and you can actually see what is in the boxes.