Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Barnardos Delivery

Last week my friend Jan & I drove up to the Wyong office of Barnardos to deliver the first batch of quilts that the ladies at Stitching Hearts had made for the kids.  We took up 11 quilts.  All bar one had the child's name appliqued to the quilt, and so I have fuzzed out the names for privacy.  That is why there are white blobs on all the quilts in the photos.

We were so well received!  We were met by Deanne but the three other case workers came in at one time or another to admire the quilts and exclaim.

1 year old boy
11 month old boy

3.5 year old boy
2 year old boy
8 month old girl

3.5 year old boy

8 year old girl

4 year old boy

7 year old girl

2.5 year old girl

This next one was a "spare" quilt which we took up with us just in case.  There were no suitable children to which we could allocate it.  We need not have worried!  As soon as we said it was spare, one of the case workers pounced and asked for it.  She had just had a new born baby added to her case load so it was only "spare" for a few minutes.

The "spare" - immediately snapped up for a newborn girl.
The Wyong office cares for kids who are in "crisis care" so they don't stay under the umbrella of this agency for very long.  Several of the children will be moving on shortly, either to their permanent foster home or back to family.  So it was an opportune time for our delivery as the kids will take their quilts with them when they leave the care of this agency.

Previously, when I had talked to Deanne, she mentioned that they would be grateful for a raffle quilt if we could spare one.  So this is what was selected as a raffle quilt.

For raffle
Each block is a star variant made up of spotty fabric, not one of which is duplicated.  I can't believe how many different spotty fabrics they found to make this!  It is absolutely gorgeous in real life, very bright and vibrant.

Deanne and Leanne with the raffle quilt
It will be raffled at Christmas time.

One of the best things about working for Stitching Hearts is the delivery.  I have been part of the delivery crew on several occasions and this one was right up there with the best.  We were so warmly greeted that it is a great spur on to go make some more quilts!  At the end of our visit we were given a certificate of thanks made out to Stitching Hearts.

Thank you Barnardos for making us so welcome, and for making us feel that our efforts were worth while.

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  1. What a lovely bundle of quilts gifted with such love. I have been part of our delivery group for our guild's pillow project and only last year got to see how they bundle all the items gifted into such lovely large family baskets (sans any names for protection).