Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Busy November

This afternoon I found this post as a draft.  I had obviously uploaded all the photos, but never got around to finishing it off, and just look at that title!  It has been in drafts since November.  I remember the day, and taking the photos, but not who had made which quilt.
In this post in October, I told you about the Minnamurra Aged Care Facility & the MS Society.
Well we agreed to make 80 quilts for Minnamurra, and not only that, we wanted to get them done for Christmas, so that they could be given out as "Christmas Gifts".  It was an awesome effort, but between the 10 or so ladies who come regularly, we did it!  The group always has a few quilts in the cupboard, ready to be distributed, but there were still a lot to be made, and 80 quilts was a lot to come up with in such a short time.
After Show and Tell on 21st November, we sorted the completed quilts into piles and here is the last of the quilts made for Minnamurra, all quilted, bound and labelled.

We label all our quilts with a heart in two shades of purple, and the words "Made with Love by the Stitching Hearts", and the blog address below it.  Evelyn's daughter Stephanie is a Graphic Artist and she modified the original design of the label to include the blog address once we had that up and running.  Thanks Steph!

But we didn't just stop at quilts for Minnamurra.  We selected a pile for the MS Society as well.


Once the completed quilts had been sorted into who was getting what, we set to, to select backings, cut wadding and pin the quilts which needed completing ......

This next one is a hand pieced hexagon quilt made by Jan.  She is the Queen of Hexies and did a great job on it.  Such lovely cheerful colours in that.  I didn't measure them, but from memory the sides were only 1" long, so tiny ones.

And this is what we got done that day - a stack of quilts all pinned & ready for quilting, waiting for one of us to come by to choose one to do.

Although we do our sewing at home, our working days are always busy, as there is such a lot of co-ordinating and planning to be done.  There is always a buzz of activity, lots of laughter and inspiration.  Great fun.


  1. Better late than never. I enjoy your little slide show.

  2. LOL.....reading this post made me go back to my drafts.....boy, I have a few languishing there too! Glad you shared this with us or we would have missed seeing some lovely quilts. Oh and while I am here....Thanks for following my travel posts. I really appreciate your comments although I am a little lax at replying!

  3. Oh wow! now that is a great effort...80 quilts, you girls are amazing.

  4. I love that you all pull together to make the quilts up and that they are distributed as they are. Great news that Rotary have helped your group out with wadding costs too. I hope when I pop my cloggs my kids will make sure some worthy cause gets my stash and crafty bits.