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Grosvenor Hospital November 2007

In 2007 we all worked like beavers to provide a quilt for each of the then inhabitants of Grosvenor Hospital in Summer Hill.  Grosvenor Hospital offers residential care for adults and children with profound disabilities, and has been operating since 1965.  It is the main building, which is heritage listed, is “Carleton House” Summer Hill's largest mansion, which was built in 1884 for Charles Carleton Skarratt, a prominent local hotel owner.

On 21 November 2007, we were invited to the hospital for afternoon tea and the official hand over.
Here is the pile of quilts we took at Darleen's before they were loaded into the cars.  Awesome pile, isn't it??

We make the quilts one after the other, often after piecing a quilt top, often someone else will quilt it.  Its only when you see them in bulk like this that you realise just how many quilts we have made.

And here is a selection of some of them

A simple scrappy four patch with sashing.  So simple, so nice!

And a dramatic black and white quilt with red circles.

The fans in the corners give this one a Japanese flavour, but in fact it was made with lovely soft country colours.

We had a couple of sewing days when we all got stuck into the piles of strips in the cupboard.  We foundation pieced the strips to A4 sized sheets of paper on the diagonal, and then sewed them up.  This method makes an interesting secondary pattern of diamonds.  We actually made several of these quilts in different colourways.

Cute little Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Andy applique sashed and with a scrappy border.

This one is side ways on the blog, and I can't find a way of turning it up the right way, even though I have done that on my computer before uploading.  How frustrating! Love the colours in this one.  Remember the saying "Blue & Green should never be seen"?  Well, I certainly don't think that is the case here.

On Thursday, 22 November 2007 we were invited to afternoon tea at Grosvenor House for the official handover of the quilts.

Jill, Darleen & Shirley looking on while the "Thank You" speeches were being made.

Grosvenor staff, working through the pile of quilts, selecting which one to give to which resident and putting a note on it

And the two below are the piles they have to go through

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